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Customer Testimonials for Austin Premier Auto

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Zoe Moreno - 2011 Audi A4

This place is so hassle free, I personally worked with the owner Reza "Tony" he was just so down to earth and friendly he even let us come back on Sunday to finish the paperwork. He tried his hardest to get  me the best interest rate not like other car dealerships that all they care about was getting the car sold even if it meant just getting whatever interest rate you got stuck with. Before coming to this car lot I was almost jilted into a $20K loan for a car I really didn't even want.At Austin Century Car Lot I got my dream car and am super happy. 

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Travis Grohman - 2012 Ford F150

I had a really great experience here. I got an amazing deal on a used truck and a very fair trade-in. I honestly do not know how they made a profit off me; it is refreshing to drive off a sales lot feeling like you got a better deal than the salesman.I kept looking for a catch and couldn't find one. As a warning, this place is very small -- the building they operate out of is not much more than a trailer and I think there are only about four employees including the mechanic. Because of this, there were a few times when I had to wait a little while for service; I could not hold back stars for this, however, because they were obviously working as best they could to provide service to everyone. My salesman, I'd describe him honest, friendly, helpful, and not pushy in the least (walked in and said I wanted to look at the truck,he gave me the keys and left me alone to check it out. I told him I wanted to test drive it, he copied my license and let me go on my way.) I'd recommend this place to anyone, they are an exemplary small business.

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Laurent - 2006 BMW 325I

Jeffrey & all the team were very reactive despite hectic Thanksgiving period. Other people even came in from Arkansas to purchase a family vehicle, I quickly purchased a BMW, paid cash. 3 days later the car had an engine heat issue because of the water pump & they managed to fix it quickly within their mechanics network. Great people!

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